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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Android Now Support Exchange Task with Gmail

Android Now Support Exchange Task with Gmail

Latest updates for Gmail which has a new features Exchange Task. The new features according to Google, enable you to be more productive.

Exchange task comes with an Exchange Account, a features Google added to the Android latest version of its popular email app (gmail). This features will enable you to use a familiar mail app for both work and personal business use.

Early android phone owners has to use a third party app for Exchange email, but Google updated Gmail last year to support Exchange, but this week Google added a features of Exchange Task.

Prior to this update, there was one app shortcut available that allowed users to compose a new mail message at home screen. Even though this shortcut still exists, but now it is accompanied by shortcut for up to three email accounts. This app shortcut can be drag on homescreen which makes the task easier to gain access to different mail account.

As per the reports, the order of the accounts is determined by the last three accounts that you interacted with inside this app.

The Exchange tasks is designed to help you synchronize your task with Exchange so you can ahead of your task list. Even when you are on the way, you can continue to stay on the task list. This makes using the app is very easy and fun. With this new feature you can 'Create a task, edit its date and Priority, and flag an email as a to-do for later response' according to Google.

This new updates is now available for all users of Gmail for Android, and can be downloaded on the PlayStore if dont have.

Unfortunately, Google didn't say a word as to when and if the new update will be made available to iOS phone users. At this moment, it is unclear if the company has any plan to exchange similar features to iPhone.

The app is lot faster and is spotting a clean and fresh look. It doesn't look clumsy like it used to be, and you can now swipe to archive and delete messages.

So guys do you still not updated your gmail app ? If not then do it and use this features....

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