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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Airtel Offers 28GB Data At Rs. 345

After Reliance Jio Prime Plans, its time for Airtel which offers 28GB Data At Rs. 345


Airtel recently launched a new plan for their customers, launched a recharge pack that provides customers with 28GB of data for a period of 28 days, which priced Rs. 345 and also with unlimited local plus STD calls as well.

Both Reliance Jio and Airtel have daily data cap of 1GB on their respective recharhe packs. Reliance Jio Prime's comes with recharge pack of Rs. 303, allows user to consume 1GB of data whenever they choose to. On the other hand, Airtel's plans put's a restriction of the data usage of 500MB data consumes during the day and the remaining 500MB data between 12 am to 6am at Rs. 345.

According to text message sent by the Airtel company to his subscriber," At Rs. 345 plan it offers 1GB of 4G data per day along with local and STD voice calls free per month. This 1GB data will be available as 500MB on day time and 500MB on night hours i.e between 12am to 6am."

The Promotional offer is available for 4G handset users who can opt for it before 31st March. Customers who have opted for this offer before the expire date that is 31st March period will be able to recharge with the same offer for the next 11 months to get free data offers.

Those who want to use 1GB of data per day without any restrictions of timing can opt for Rs. 549 pack, which provides 28GB data with a 1GB daily data cap without restrictions of time. Airtel users who purchase the Rs. 345 or Rs. 549 before March 31 will get the offer for 12 months. Similarly to this, Reliance Jio Prime users get to the extra data under the monthly Rs. 303 plan with a one-time annual recharge of Rs. 99 before 31 march.

In Rs. 549 Airtel recharge pack users are only allowed 1,200 minutes of free calls (local + STD) in a week. Those who calls beyond the bundle limits of 1,200 minutes will be charged  at 30p per minutes (local + STD). Not ony these, Airtel has capped the free calls per day at 300 minutes, after which the charged would be same as 30p per minutes (local + STD). Additionally, calling more than 100 unique users in a week entails calls tariff of 30p per minutes for the rest of the validity.

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