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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Xiaomi MiTV Goes on sale today, Everything to know

Xiaomi MiTV Goes on sale today, Everything to know

Xiaomi MiTV Goes on sale today, Everything to know

Xiaomi MiTV

Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi entered in Indian market, put every brand let behind in four years like Samsung, LG, Micromax.

In four years, Xiaomi became the No.1 in India from Zero to Hero.

Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi devices is of low cost where Samsung still not compete with this low cost devices.

After the Smartphone device, Xiaomi started making TV, which increase pain for Samsung and other TV maker Brand.

Today 2 PM, Xiaomi MiTV goes on Sale.

At 2 PM, Xiaomi kick off its first television sell on its MiTV in India and enter the Second largest market in consumer electronics.

From the look of the television, it repeating a mobile phone Market in TV, with some limited features.

Everything to know

The MiTV 4 price is half of the brand in india charge with everything high-end television (except support for app).

Today, most people see four major features in their TVs - 4K resolution, size atleast 55-inches, quality of the picture and smart features which support the third-party app like Youtube and Netflix.

The MiTV comes with a 55-inches and 4K resolution panel, so your first two quality fulfill.

For picture quality, there are different panel like A-grade, B-grade and so on, and this have different price.

So if you want to know about MiTV then wait for other Customer reviews.

Questions about App Support

There are many questions about apps support. In general, Smart Tv's comes with Android os, which means same like your Android os device where you can install any app which are on Google Play Store.

Youtube providing different Version on the Play Store itself that is designed for use on a large TV screen.

If there should be an occurrence of MiTV, we are again in vague domain, yet it would appear that Xiaomi chooses which application goes in and which application remains out.

So i can tell you in other words that you are not getting a Full smart TV but a Semi- Smart TV.

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