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Sunday, 11 February 2018

WhatsApp Unified Payment Interface live in India

Latest WhatApp update came with money transfer to your bank account through UPI.

WhatsApp UPI

WhatApp the most and popular messaging App which was owned by Facebook, which was recently out a new updates that Integrated with Digital payments features based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface).

The update was currently available for Android and iOS. The features is available for android user's on the latest version - version 2.18.46.

The updates is available for a limited users. If you have updated an android app and still the payment features not available, you can enable it by receiving a whatsapp message from your friend or the users who had enable the features and activated it.

As this payment features is based on UPI, so your bank registered number and the whatsapp activated number should be same. i.e. your mobile number which was activated whatsapp should be linked with bank account. otherwise you can't do the transaction.

Once it should activated the features, the instant messenger allows transfers of payment  to individual which the users want to send the money via direct message.

If the users want to send payment to group chat,  the user would need to identify the individual from the group before processing the steps.

Here how you can enable this features on your android device step by step guide.

Step 1: Go to your whatsapp App (note that your whatsapp app would have latest update).
Step 2: Go to settings and find the payments option.
Step 3: Enter your bank accounts details and also other information necessary for it.
Step 4: Once you enter your bank account, after that verify your details by providing your debit/credit card last six digit, along with your expiry date.
Step 5: On click done. your account is activated for payment option.

Now you are thinking how to transfer money to your friend or individual person.

Steps for transfer money 

Step1: To transfer money to an individual, go to your chat and select the plus(+) icon to find the payment option.
Step 2: Enter the sum of amount you want to send.
Step 3: Now the last step is click send and the amount transferred to your individual person. 

Note : The amount is received  to end users only if he/she had the payment feature enabled and the bank account linked with the app. If not enable then the end user will receive a notification about update an android app.

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