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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Charge your Phone battery fully in just 20 minutes with new technology

 Charge your Phone battery fully in just 20 minutes with new technology



Does your phone run out of battery after few hours ? Then you might be happy to know that you can charge your phone in just 20 minutes with the new technology.

Recently, Meizu- a Chinese smartphone manufacturer introduced a new technology to full recharge your phone batteries without causing any explosions.

Meizu was a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and also has some good handsets sale in India.

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Meizu introduced a new technology to recharge batteries rather quickly without causing any explosion.

The new technology which Meizu introduced is named as "Super mCharge" which provide a 5A current at an 11V  voltage to reach impressive 55W of power, versus the Motorola and Samsung turbocharger which gives 15W.

At the same time, it also regulates the charging voltage so as not to reach very high temperatures for explosion.

According to Meizu, the battery stays at up to 39° C during the process, away from critical levels that could cause an explosion. The process has an efficiency of 98%.

When in test at MWC, the battery charged 30% in five minutes, 60% in ten minutes, 85% in fifteen minutes and was fully charged in just Twenty minutes as the technology itself- claims to provide.

Super mCharge uses optimized charge pump technology that exports half of the voltage after transformation and yield 98 percent efficiency. The Highest temperature the battery reaches during charging is 39° C, which means that you won't have any trouble using the device while it is plugged in.

Oppo demonstrated its Super VOOC technology that recharge 2500mAh batteries in just fifteen minutes which restricted to branded smartphones.

Super mCharge, on the other, should appear on Meizu's smartphones in 2018. As they are sold in India, Possibly this new fast charging technology is also available to all in the near future.

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