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Saturday, 18 February 2017

2 Ways to ByPass Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

2 ways to Bypass factory reset protection on samsung devices.

In this article i will show you how to Bypass google verification steps that is Bypass factory reset protection (FRP) on samsung device.

Beacause now a days samsung is now serious about your security and privacy, they are now taking the right measures to protect your personal data. Most of us are happy with the security but at the same time you’ll get annoyed when you’re locked out of your device and unable to get access to it.

Samsung’s old devices such as the Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3 and so on were not having this feature but the newly released devices such as Galaxy J5, J7, Note 5, S6 Edge, S7 Edge are having it and if  you hard reset your phone using recovery, you’re certain to get your phone locked unless you provide the right Google account verification, it had before. In most cases, users forget their email or password and are stuck at the Google verification screen. But you don’t to have worry as I have got you covered.

Thanks to the developer who has released an APK app  that can help you to bypass the verification step and then erase everything to get access back to your normal Samsung Galaxy device.

This device was reset. To Continue, sign in with a google account

1. How to ByPass factory reset Protection (FRP) on samsung device.

 Before starting , You'll need to have access to any of the two things :

1.OTG Cable for Android        Or 
2.Having Access to Pc

If you have got OTG cable then follow these steps.

Step 1 : First of all , Download Bypass Samsung Google account Verification app APK 
Step 2 : Copy the APK file to your USB
Step 3 : Using the OTG Cable connect your USB to phone.
Step 4 : Once connected, it will popup the file manager app and install the apk app.
Step 5 : You should now have access to phone settings.
Step 6 : Scroll down and find Backup and reset.
Step 7 : Tap Factory data reset and Reset device or Erase everything which will erase the following from your device: 

->Google Account
->System and Data app
->Downloaded Apps
->Device Settings
->Music, Pictures and all other user data.

Step 8 : Finally your phone will reboot normally and may take some time while booting and that is normal after resetting your device.

2.Bypass any Samsung Galaxy Google Account Verification without OTG

 It is the same process as above method but here we are not using OTG Cable instead of OTG cable we would use SideSync Apk

Step 1 : Download and Install SideSync APK 

Step 2 : Run SideSync application on your PC and connect your phone using the USB cable.

Step 3 : You should get a popup as shown in the screen below:

Pop Up Menu

  Step 4 : Tap Chrome to download the bypass app apk. Enter the following into the url bar: 

Step 5: Once you download the apk file, now tap back to open the Samsung apps. It will ask you to install the SideSync on your device but instead search for ES File explorer and install it.

Download ES File Explorer

Step 6: After installing the ES File explorer, open it.

Step 7 : Go to download folder in ES File Explorer and run the bypass app apk to install it.

Step 8 : You should have Settings menu open, scroll down and find Backup and reset.

Step 9 : Tap Factory data reset and Reset device.

Step 10 : That’s it! You’ve finally unlocked your device.

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