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Friday, 16 February 2018

Google Maps iOS Update

Google Maps iOS Update


Google Maps

Google Maps for iOS brought a latest update, will provide easier access some useful important features. With the updated of the Google Maps, three tabs were added at the bottom of the bar within the apps which was Expore, Driving and Transit. From the report Google says that the real-time data from this three navigation tabs will helps users to find the nearest Restaurant, trafic and many more.

The Google maps for Android had got the same update previous year. And now its cames time for iOS OS.

When user Swipe the Explore tab, users will find places which they were looking for like eat or drink, dinner etc..

Looking into the other two tabs, Transmit will helps to take public transport, Users will get suggestions about train and buses, as well as ETA for Home or other places.

So far in Driving tab, users will be able to see the real-time ETA's to places which they have saved as 'Home' 'Work' etc. Also Google Maps will give traffic in nearby places and estimated time to reach the destination.

If you are a Google Maps user for iOS os and you need this features then you can easily download from the link Here.  

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