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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Nvidia Latest GPU launched - New Titan XP Graphics Card

Nvidia Latest GPU launched - New Titan XP Graphics Card


Nvidia's been getting a charge out of a long and continuous keep running at the highest point of the illustrations card pile, and it simply broadened its lead with the new Titan XP. For $1,200, the card offers a similar Pascal GP102 GPU as the $5,000-ish Quadro P6000, with each of the 3,840 CUDA centers to play with. It likewise has a considerably speedier memory than the Quadro, knocking up from the 10GHz of a year ago's Titan to 11.4Ghz. Like the Titan X (which can now be had for around $1,000, in the event that you can discover it in stock), the Xp has 12GB of GDDR5X RAM. 

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With the GTX 1080 Ti available for a negligible $699, and offering comparable or better execution to a year ago's Titan, Nvidia required another announcement card at the top end of its devotee line, and the Xp fills that specialty pleasantly. 

Despite everything we're sitting tight for AMD's reaction to Pascal, with its up and coming 14nm "Vega" engineering slated to be propelled any day now. Ideally, it can contend, however meanwhile Nvidia rules preeminent at the top of the line. 

Moreover, Nvidia reported today that it's taking a shot at beta Mac drivers for its 10-arrangement cards (through 9To5Mac), which is incredible news for anybody hoping to assemble themselves a sweet Hackintosh while Apple settles its ace Mac deficiencies, or in the event that you need to attempt and run an outer GPU with a Mac portable workstation.

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