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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Nokia 6 is extremely Durable and built like a Tank

The Nokia 6 is extremely Durable and built like a Tank

Nokia 6
The greatest question at the forefront of everybody's thoughts after Nokia reported their rebound into the portable amusement was whether these new gadgets would hold the unbelievable tank-like form nature of past Nokia's. 

Presently you can let these feelings of dread go as it has been affirmed that the organization's first Android cell phone, the Nokia 6 is extremely durable and is built like a tank.

JerryRigEverything, a well known YouTuber, who performs scratch tests and teardowns on cell phones so as to test their toughness, called the Nokia 6 a contender for most strong telephone of 2017. He was colossally awed with how the cell phone is assembled and without hardly lifting a finger at which one could perform repairs.

The video uncovers the cell phone has a metal mid-plate, which when sandwiched between the metal back and screen makes it practically difficult to curve or harm the gadget effortlessly.

Also, the gadget has screws. Loads and heaps of screws. The metal plate is held down to the back by an astounding 19 screws. In the event that that is insufficient, there are numerous more screws to be found underneath holding key parts like the motherboard and charging port set up.

He has likewise made another video in which he plays out his mark toughness test on a cell phone by subjecting it to scratches, fire, and the ever mainstream twist test. Here additionally the cell phone exceeds expectations. 

The Gorilla Glass ensured the screen is unaffected by keys and coins and as the front confronting camera is implanted underneath the show, it is additionally shielded from scratches. The back of the gadget is produced using metal, which he assaults with a disposable cutter in the video. (Cautioning: Graphic scenes of telephone torment!).

The back camera is likewise secured with glass, which makes it invulnerable to scratches from keys and coins. Numerous cell phone producers tend to cover the back camera in plastic, which makes it exceptionally defenseless to scratches. The LED streak, be that as it may, is secured with plastic. This is not that enormous of an issue however as light exudes even from a scratched up glimmer.

In conclusion, he subjects the cell phone to the feared twist test where cell phones like the Nextbit Robin and Nexus 6P have disastrously bombed already. Here likewise, however, the Nokia 6 breezes through without a hitch with the metal plate making the gadget fantastically hard to twist.

So there you have it. The new Nokia cell phones are as sturdy as the Nokia's of old. Will they be as famous? That is a question that must be replied with time.

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