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Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Aiopoly App: God Gifted to Blind

The Aiopoly app that helps the blind to see

Aiopoly App - Now Blind can see


Worked out of the Singularity University in California, the Aiopoly application is intended to make the blind to see.

Aipoly Vision blends modern advancements in artificial intelligence with the regular technology of an iPhone.

With its "neural networks and deep learning algorithms" it distinguishes protests continuously and after that Speak their names out so anyone might hear.

The application works in 7 launguages.

Applications that help individuals see

Be My Eyes is an application that associates located aides from around the globe with visually impaired and outwardly impeded by means of a live video association.

The volunteers can help the visually impaired recognize marks and so forth.

The other application is the Color ID application which utilizes the iPhone camera or iPod touch to articulate the names of hues progressively.

Braigo Labs propelled a beta-variant of the application to help the oblivious in regards to "understand message on pictures".

Another progression towards content acknowledgment was the KNFB Reader application which empowers clients to "tune in to a sound readback of printed content". It is useful in perusing menus and comprehend printed guidelines.

Nonetheless, the application comes is valued at $99 which makes it out of reach to everybody.


Aipoly's AI is not yet refined enough to explain the particulars presented in a diagram, it is only able to recognize some images and transmit them to the user.

While the app promotes its capacity to differentiate between logos of different brands, this feature needs working on.

When "shown a can of Coca-Cola in tests, the app misidentified it as Coors beer".

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