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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Nexus 6 Smartphone with Android 7.1.1 will downgrade to Android 7.0


A few proprietors get a Nexus 6 Google downsize from Android 7.1.1 to Android 7.0. The "refresh" is required by Google ota refreshes later on to take into account the augmentation 2014.

Whoever Android 7.1.1 has put over the side stacking on the Nexus 6 will be told that there is a refresh to Android 7.0, report numerous clients on Reddit. A Google agent said in the string that the downsize is required to get ota refreshes on the gadget. "Any individual who needs to stay sideload or glimmer, can stay on Android 7.1.1 forms later on."

On the off chance that Nexus 6-proprietors after the "refresh" to 7.0 have issues, they ought to reestablish their gadget to processing plant settings, as indicated by the Google worker. Of course that you ought to work.

The ota updates will predominantly be security refreshes still to come. Google had given as a sign that the support for new Android variants Nexus 6 last to lapse a year ago. The hunt monster gives its machines to three years of security updates and bolster so closes this harvest time.

There have as of late been numerous issues with updates to Motorola-manufactured Nexus gadget from 2014. The Android 7.0-form came considerably later and 7.1.1 was very little better.

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