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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Nokia 888 Amazing Design

Nokia 888 is the future generation from nokia which make our life to be more compact.

Nokia 888 phone can be fit into any part of our body.Its is a paper like mobile easy for travel and use. Nokia 888 Communicator release date and other details collected and updated soon..

 A personal mobile communication device which lets you be free and fun. It is light, simple and carefree. You can change its form according to your needs during the day.


 Technologies that are used
It uses liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touch screen, touch sensitive body cover which lets it understand and adjust to the environment. It has a simple programmable body mechanism so that it changes forms in different situations. 

It is light, simple and carefree. You can change its form according to your needs during the day. Also e-motions lets you send forms to the other Nokia 888 users: i.e. you can send a heart shape to your girlfriend, or a dancing figure to your friends to call them to the party tonight. This way you can talk without words. 



Liquid battery
Recognition of speech
Flexible touch screen
Touch sensitive body
The mobile is more flexible and can be bended into any shapes, we use the mobile as wrist watch also.
Price In India:N/A
Price In US:N/A
Price In Malaysia:N/A
Connection in Nokia 888 : Communicator Concept
Weight : Ultralight Weight
Size : 5 mm Thickness
Antenna : In Built
Battery : Liquid
Display : Flexible Touch
Extra : Speech Recognize, Moves during incoming call, Unique Flexible Shell
Nokia 888 Concept Phone – Most Flexible Handphone

 You can change the form of the body. Not just the color. And you can do the same by sending an e-motion to your friend.


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